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Setting up usage of wkhtmltopdf with Python in an AWS Lambda function for easy HTML to PDF conversion.

Building an AWS lambda function that uses Python and wkhtmltopdf to convert an HTML file to a PDF file.


To set up an easy to call HTML to PDF converter as an AWS Lambda function.

  1. Downloading the wkhtmltopdf binary
  2. Creating the AWS Lambda layer(s) and configuring our function
  3. Writing the AWS Lambda function
    — We will use Python’s subprocess library to call the wkhtmltopdf command
    — For more in-depth Python focused usage, also check out pdfkit

This article assumes access to an AWS account (free-tier is acceptable) and basic knowledge of AWS Lambda/S3 and Python.

  1. Allow passing either an S3…

Example output of a LinkedIn connection network graph

Using Python's Pandas, NetworkX, and pyvis to understand and visualize companies within a directly connected LinkedIn network.


To understand and visualize the companies within my directly connected network on LinkedIn

  1. LinkedIn data sources — retrieving LinkedIn Network data from a “Get a copy of your data” CSV export
  2. Diving into the data — exploring, cleaning, and aggregating the data with Pandas
  3. Creating the network — creating a network graph using NetworkX
  4. Visualization — visualizing the network with pyvis
  5. Improving the output — cleaning up the network graph with additional filtering

Hover over the nodes for more details

Bradley Schoeneweis

@bschoeneweis | Software Developer in Fort Worth, TX

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